Sitting in the bar of Rückersbach thinking back, how this conference changed my life. It is funny, beside 2 other people everyone in a session. The people here have touched me deeply in their way to lead to the future. Here in Rückersbach between the rooms Austria, Hungary, Brazil and the Forum we created our own planet. A planet where we can live what we want to bring into life. We live in different universes, we work in bigger and smaller companies and we are far or nearer to the vision of agile, but we all work in the same direction. On our planet we can create, fail, support each other, learn how to manage ourselves, reflect, be loved and learn, that we as a human being are welcomed in all our aspects. It is no coincidence that we published here this morning the This is the place to do that.

More people come. Last year this conference helped me to see that I need a time-out in order to follow my vision. I’m so glad for that. I left everything behind and went on to my own journey, started my own path. It helped me to see how much I try and tried to fulfil expectations of my family, of my husband and of my friends in order to be loved and to not risk my relationships. I started to become more and more aware of how I am behaving and what are the outcomes for me. You can read my blog about my last year. Last year I found the missing piece in my work with Temenos. A cultural app to support building a real trust culture in companies, where people can show their talents and grow. I met Olaf Lewitz and Michael Sahota at the first Play4Agile in 2011. Today they are my friends, my colleagues and my team to make this vision happen. At Play4agile the input is not only sessions, no, more every contact with a person is a session, an impulse to push us to show who we really are. This happens in the sessions, inbetween, at lunch, in the bar, while jogging…

Last year the sessions of Kathrin Elster, Peter Moreno, Markus Wittwer kicked my container, as well as all the personal exchanges we had here. I wouldn’t be on my way to have the courage to kick the container of other persons with Temenos and other methods and to build up with others a network of wholehearted organizations and people who support this. I really thank all participants of Play4agile who made this real, I thank most of all my husband Martin Heider who pushed and inspired me to help building this conference and to come into the agile movement.

I hope this will be a long loving relationship. Christine




3 Kommentare zu “Play4Agile – there is no other conference like this”

  1. Olaf Lewitzam 23.02.2014 um 14:59

    Thank you.
    You deeply touched me.

  2. Michael Sahotaam 23.02.2014 um 16:59

    A wonderful, moving story. Courageous to share. I am so happy to share this journey with you. Hugs. Michael

  3. Anna Lorenzam 02.03.2014 um 11:55

    Danke für´s Teilen Christine. Gänsehautalarm am grauen Sonntag! Und ich sehe ein Licht im Dunkeln blitzen.
    Fühl dich gedrückt.

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