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I’d like to share my experience I made this year at Play4Agile so explicit, that it is maybe helpful for others.

Having meetings and a Temenos before Play4Agile, I already stayed at Rückersbach four days, when Play4Agile finally started. On Friday I was so enthusiastic to meet all these people I dearly care for. We have shared so many important experiences in the last years. Finally I ended up in a deep conversation with one single friend in the bar, fully in a flow and time rushed by.

I planned for Saturday to tryout developing a game, was asked to co-create an Impro Session and my colleagues and my husband Martin Heider did three sessions I had the feeling I couldn’t miss. I rushed from session to session, had no break and no fresh air the whole day. In one session I felt not understood or not respected. The result of the whole thing was I felt isolated, small and sad at the end of the day. I had the impression almost nobody wanted to talk to me. It is really strange that in such situations I always think of others stronger than me. Never had the idea, that some have maybe the same weak feelings. Saturday night my feelings recovered a bit playing the Anti-Monopoly with friends until very late and having visited an evening meditation session with Peter.

I decided on Sunday morning to start totally different – I hacked my thinking! I understood what I had ignored the day before – myself and my needs! I stood up very early at 6.30am to go jogging, after only some hours of sleep. It was exhausting, but I like movement, fresh air, morning and nature, so I enjoyed the lovely landscape around Rückersbach, the valleys and struggled back up to the hill. After having all this lovely food there, I felt relieved – I felt I really exercised my body using up some of those calories of the days before and starting to be more balanced after all this thought work. Than I took time to care my body. I thought of this already days and was happy to have taken some more time. „Two points on my needs schedule“ before I went to breakfast.

It almost started the same way as Saturday, we started with our own session and I also proposed another one with my Focus Challenge game. I had a full calender for the whole day- urgh – how to come out of this planning thing? After our first session we finished our findings for the and really published it in the web. I really felt, that this time was invested meaningfully and was glad. After lunch I took time to spend with my husband Martin Heider, since we hadn’t had quality time together in the last four days, so I had made an appointment with him in the morning. It was so energizing, walking in the sun, having time to share and communicate with time and solve little miscommunication out. Four points.

Than I realized I wanted to contribute to the story of how Play4Agile has changed my life since weeks before the conference. I set a tight timeframe of 50min and went in the bar. I even managed to take a tea and to chat a bit and it was ready at the end. I have to admit I didn’t read it twice, I just pushed the button publish. I had a lovely second session of my game creation and I had taken the offer of a massage of 20min. At this point I was already very happy about my day – having a list of 7 positive things I really wanted.

I felt part of the Play4agile people, observed the support everybody was ready to give, helped a friend with some light coaching at dinner. All this was a totally different feeling. I didn’t think of the evening. But still I was in a flow. After dinner I participated in the rhetoric game, having lots of fun, Martin joined with a super performance and after that I finally searched for my music friends and found them. We made music with a group of people, two guitars, cajon and voices. Kai and I had to admit that the last session of our play was the last Play4agile, but we had lots of fun, improvised with voice, where we couldn’t play it, our fingers hurted and we felt great! We often came into flow with Thomas at the cajon and it really felt like a jam session. 10 points!

Late I fell asleep –  happy, humbled, releaved, inspired. What a difference a day can make! I hope you can get some ideas out of that. Do your thing, focus and the day will surprise you!  All the best Christine